Mayor’s Music Fund Scholar- Katie from Kingston

Katie started learning the flute after seeing a Marching Band at a parade in 2014. So inspired was she, as soon as she got her hands on one she joined a marching band and started to teach herself to play.

When we received her nomination in the summer of 2015, her teachers told us that she had had no formal flute tuition but was already showing enormous promise. She attended free lunchtime recorder groups at school, and was able to transfer skills that she was learning onto her flute. Katie also joined her school orchestra where she asked other flautists to teach her new notes and techniques.

Abigail Smith, Katie Brown

Katie at our 2016 Playing Day


‘Her quiet determination and enthusiasm is infectious and a very positive addition to any ensemble.’ – Class teacher

Katie showed excellent ingenuity and an unwavering determination to achieve her goal and was awarded the scholarship in 2015 to finally be given the music tuition she deserves.

As well as weekly flute lessons, Katie is a keen member of her school orchestra and choir, as well attending her Saturday Music School.Katie’s head teacher wrote,

‘It’s evident that the enjoyment Katie derives from all her music activities, especially playing the flute, helps her to achieve more effectively in all aspects of her life’.  

Now, one year on from being awarded the scholarship Katie is making the most of every opportunity that comes her way. She is working towards her Grade 3 and has already taken her grade 1 theory exam.

Katie told us: ‘Being a Mayor’s Music Scholar has given me lots of self-confidence and makes me want to try more new things. I have met lots of awesome people, understand how to read music better and meet people like me who enjoy playing music as much as I do.’