Jadiel, aged 11, learning the guitar, from the Tri Borough Music Hub

Jadiel was awarded a Mayor’s Music Scholarship in July 2014. His musical journey began aged 9 since when he has seized every opportunity to develop his potential, signing up for both guitar and percussion group lessons and excelling at both. In his spare time Jadiel has learnt difficult keyboard parts purely by studying YouTube videos and has formed a band which re-creates favourite songs. Jadiel participates in an after school song writing group and has shown a strong creative flair with his song ‘I Wanna be an Artist’ written for both piano, guitar, drums and vocals, demonstrating his strong natural sense of harmony and rhythm.

The Mayor’s Music Scholarship has given Jadiel the opportunity to meet and work with musicians of his own age and similar level, where his promising aural and technical skills and natural musicianship can be properly nurtured. He frequently expresses the desire to becoming a professional musician and we see no reason why he shouldn’t make it.