Music Untamed in Croydon

Since January 2016 Croydon has been humming with music from around the world due to our Partnership Project, Music Untamed. Music Untamed celebrates the cultural diversity found within the Croydon communities by exploring it’s different musical backgrounds. The Grand Union Orchestra and Croydon Music Service have worked hard to successfully inspire and educate Croydon students on the different music traditions from Croydon and from around the world.

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Music Untamed Workshop

Working with 2 schools in Croydon the project reached 275 children with the aim to re-engage and motivate them in the power of music. One participant said, ‘It’s been one the best experiences with music, it was great. It has definitely improved my knowledge on the guitar and music’. As well as new styles and techniques, participants learnt to improvise and play from memory without sheet music. Music teachers also benefited, learning from the GUO’s style of music making which they then continued in Music lessons outside of the GU rehearsals.

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Rehearsals at Fairfield Hall

The project culminated in a performance at Fairfield Hall giving the students a chance to perform in a professional concert hall, alongside professional musicians and to a big audience. As a result the raised confidence levels was evident through the feedback from parents: ‘ My child tends to be quiet, but performing and interacting with others gives him confidence and brings him out of himself.’

We are extremely pleased to have be able to help bring Music Untamed into fruition and would like to congratulate all who took part in bringing such a successful project to life!