March Scholar of the Month

Zozi from Richmond Music Trust is our March Scholar of the Month.

Zozi is a very talented violinist from Twickenham and has been with us since 2013. She is a very dedicated and determined player who is working hard to achieve her goals. Zozi is fully immersed in the Richmond Music Trust activities taking part in their Youth Orchestra, String Quartet, Chamber Orchestra as well as theory lessons. She recently received a very high distinction (142 out of 150) in her Grade 6 and is already well on her way to taking her Grade 7.  Zozi will also be taking part in the Richmond Arts Festival this month and we wish her the very best of luck!

  Photo Zozi S

Q&A with Zozi

What made you want play the violin? 

Ever since I was a young girl I loved watching the orchestras play in theatres. It was so awe-inspiring and really made me want to play the violin. The thing that makes the violin different from any other instrument is that it’s yours to play. No one can play exactly like you; you play your own way and you are the source of the sound rather than the violin or the make of the bow. What matters is how much you enjoy it. Once you know how much you love playing it and are able to play it well, the violin is all yours. The violin is all yours for you to make music in your own style.

Have you been able to play in some fun places or get involved in any great projects?

I have played in many projects, such as, the London Youth Symphonic Orchestra, the total immersion for the BBC 3 radio recording and the National School’s Symphony Orchestra. These three big projects were so much fun, but they also gave me so much experience as to what playing with other young and very talented musicians really feels like.

What style of music do you like best and why?

Personally I like jazz music, but I was only able to discover my passion for jazz after learning the piano. At first I never wanted to learn another instrument because I couldn’t see the point. But learning the piano (that I now really love) has really helped me develop my musical skills. The piano made me realize and understand what kinds of music styles suit different instruments and what styles you can play on different instruments too! Not just on the violin and piano.

If you could play with someone famous who would it be?

I’d say that I would like to play with Gareth Malone. The reason I look up to him is because he has inspired and encouraged so many young children, teenagers, and even adults about how important music really is, teaching them how to partake in music, and how much we need it in our lives. He shows others that music is for everybody, not just for the ‘rich’ kids.

Has the MMF enabled you to have new opportunities?

Very much so. Without the Mayor’s Music Fund I don’t know where I would be. Well, probably NOT living to the fullest. This helped not only me, but my family when we were struggling to keep up with the price of books, the repairs and even the lessons. Thanks to the fund I was able to carry on with my musical career.

What advice would you give to Scholars who have just started their scholarship?

The advice that I would give to new Scholars is that you need to take this seriously. I don’t mean when your parents are always nagging at you to practise. What I mean is, these four years will go past you in a flash (believe me I speak from experience). Just remember that you don’t have all the time in the world to be messing around in lessons, or saying to your mum or dad ‘I’ll practise later’ or ‘I practiced yesterday!’. You do not have time for that. So make sure you make the most of this opportunity and do the best you can! I believe in you!