February Scholar of the Month

Aimee from Havering Music School is our February Scholar of the Month.

Violinist Aimee, who is now half-way through her scholarship (awarded in 2014 when she was 10) has made full use of her time with Mayor’s Music Fund and continues to flourish not only in music, but in her school work too. In July she was awarded the Queen Mary’s University Award for her academic work. Aimee is described as having an excellent tone on her violin (which she has named Marshmallow) and learns some of her music off by heart! Aimee still has two years of her scholarship and we look forward to seeing her continue to perform both in her music and her work. Well Done Aimee!

Q&A with Aimee

Why did you start to play the violin?

The violin is such an expressive instrument, that creates such a mellow sound. There is such a large variety of musical styles you can play on the violin. I am so glad I took up learning this emotive instrument.

I remember when I was in Year 2, I always wanted to play an instrument. My mum spoke to my head teacher, Mrs Winch, and she offered me violin lessons with Mrs Lord. I immediately took to the idea. I still remember, one day during English, Mrs Lord coming into the classroom and taking me to the back. She told me to put my left arm into an arch because she was measuring what size violin I needed. A short while after that I started lessons, I have loved it ever since.

Aimee Dart


Has your Violin taken you to some cool places? If so, where?

My violin has taken me to lots of exceptional places. One of which was coming to City Hall and meeting the Mayor and playing with all the other scholars. I also got to meet the brilliant pianist James Rhodes.

Another great experience I have had is going to Drapers Academy one year, to play with the London Chamber Orchestra. That is an amazing feeling, playing with all the professionals, looking up to them, showing you where you can go if you remain committed.

My proudest moment, however, must be playing music from a collection of Shakespeare’s finest plays with the Linbury Studio Theatre in the Royal Opera House. I made so many new friends, and played such a variety of classical music. It was a challenge, but I think it really helped me excel with my music. It was also an extremely large orchestra, which meant that I got used to playing with a great range of sounds all at once to create a beautiful sound.

Due to my scholarship, I also won the Mayor’s 2014 Christmas card competition.

What style of music do you like playing the most?

I enjoy playing classical music, however I also like faster, syncopated pieces. I have been playing classical music for the most part, but recently I have been trying to play some pop music, and music from films EG Klaus Badelt, He’s a pirate.

If you could perform alongside someone famous who would it be?

I would love to play alongside Taylor Davis. She is an inspirational violinist, she has such a unique musical style. She plays music from movies, anime and video games. However, above every musician, the musician I look up to most, has to be my fantastic teacher, Mrs Lord.

Has the MMF scholarship enabled you to have new opportunities?

I have recently been asked by my school, if I would do a group of workshops with LCO. There are going to be 6 workshops, 3 composition workshops and 3 instrumental workshops. Then we are going to put together a unique piece of music from our individual compositions, that we will have made with some members of LCO. We will also be preparing some other pieces and after all 6 rehearsals, we will be going into London for the final rehearsal. Then there will be a performance in Cadogan Hall.

What advice would you give scholars who have just started their scholarship?

I would say to everyone starting a scholarship, no matter what instrument you play, stay committed, practice, seize every opportunity you are offered, be confident, don’t be afraid to show people your talents, believe in yourself. But most importantly… Have fun! Music is an amazing gift, spread it with the world.